Boat and Watercraft Insurance


Yachts, small boats, houseboats, pontoons, high performance boats and catamarans are all covered with Boat insurance. Whether they are used for charter, commercial or for personal leisure, boat insurance has policies for each use. The coverage that is available include the following: medical payments, liability, injury and damage to the boat itself. These particular policies cover the boat itself, trailer and the motor. Depending on the state in which you reside, the coverage and polices may be different for each type of vessel.


Most Common Boat Insurance Questions

  • What does boat insurance cover?

  • Is boat insurance expensive?

  • Is boat insurance required?

  • Do I need boat insurance if I am renting a boat on vacation?

  • Does boat insurance cover theft?

  • Does boat insurance cover water accidents?

  • Does boat insurance cover me if I get in an accident on my way to the lake?

Carey Insurance Agency is here to answer these questions and more regarding boat insurance!

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